About Math Shirts

Have you ever been to a college that had the motto, “What have you done for math this time?” What is wrong with these schools; what planet do they live on? These schools are only teaching students about how to count and add, and find the multiplication table, instead of how to teach Math at home. These people do not understand that there are other ways to go about teaching kids about math and being creative in the process.

Parents should also not have to wear boring, white t shirts with a red sign on it saying, “ADD”. Parents do not want their child to be mired in the same old boring activities that they are used to. By wearing math t shirts with a different attitude, one can bring about a lot of change in the classroom environment.You may find more information at Math shirts.

One way to do this would be to use different colored t shirts. For instance, one could purchase a shirt that has a yellow color or a blue one. This will cause kids to ask more questions and come up with an idea of other ways that the teacher can show them about the subject matter. Teachers will be forced to look at new strategies for teaching, and new methods of teaching. The bottom line is that children will learn more, because they will be having fun. Math t shirts are not just for kids but can be used to help bring about a change in teaching methods.