Advanced Telecom Systems- Info

Today, companies are seeking savings from their telecom management efforts like never before. While rates have declined over the last several decades, telecom expense has remained consistent or even grown at most companies. The proliferation of devices, home workers, and electronic communications methods has dramatically increased the complexity and overall expense of a typical telecom environment. Managing all these components can be a daunting task unless the telecom team has the right free tools. content

Maintaining control over a complex telecommunications environment is a significant effort for most businesses. Keeping inventory up to date, reviewing and coding bills and supporting end-users is an entire discipline within most IT organizations. There are free telecommunications management solutions available to ease the manual repetitive tasks. Some free providers also offer a “freemium” service. A freemium service is one where the basic service is available at no charge, but premium services are available for a fee.

Within the telecom management space, freemium services typically include building and maintaining the inventory elements, obtaining and loading the monthly bills, analyzing your data on a regular basis or preparing the data necessary to be uploaded to the accounting system. Some telecom service firms also provide bill pay services, will place carrier orders and even have help desk services for wireless phones.

Starting with a free telecom system may make a lot of sense. Without the investment hanging over your head, you can carefully evaluate where the system would be valuable in your operations. Telecom systems are relatively modular, so you can focus on the areas that will help you the most first, leaving the less important aspects for later. This approach is much less intrusive and time consuming than implementing a purchased telecom management system, where everything has to be implemented at the same time under the provider’s statement of work.

A telecom management system can provide immediate cost reductions by identifying excess services, services that had been previously disconnected but are still billing, and underutilized telecom services. The efficiencies experienced by your staff further enhance savings. With a free telecommunications management platform, all these savings accrue your benefit – there is no return on investment, because you have invested nothing.

Most free telecom management platforms are not automated, or have some limited automation. This is a case where “you get what you pay for”. Automating telecom manager systems to integrate with telecommunications carriers or the accounting and ERP systems is not provided on free platforms. That is why we suggest that you use the free platforms initially to evaluate your needs. Once you have played with a free system, you will be in a much better position to evaluate the systems that cost $100,000 and more.