Basic Tenets of Construction Law

One of the most important financial transactions is likely to be the purchase or sale of a house. Before signing a contract to buy or sell a property, both the buyer and the seller should consult an attorney to ensure that the agreement is carried out legally and properly.

Although hiring an attorney is not required, especially in states where escrow companies handle all closing transaction details, an attorney can safeguard your interests and help you resolve any potential legal issues before you sign a legally binding contract.You may want to check out attorneys at law for more.

Buyers are always pressed to sign a contract quickly and do not have the time to consult an attorney. In these cases, customers should have language in the contract that allows their attorney three to five business days to give final approval to the contract. This allows both buyers and sellers to move easily through the contracting process without having to think about legal representation that is inadequate.

Both sellers and buyers should familiarise themselves with the real estate sale process before selecting an attorney. If buyers and sellers understand the formal steps in the transaction, they will choose the best attorney and proceed with trust. During the process, attorneys can assist with a variety of tasks, including contract consultation prior to signing, contract preparation or approval, document review, and transaction supervision.

Any paperwork that may be needed to complete the property transfer should be prepared or reviewed by the attorney. There are usually several documents to prepare in any real estate transaction, and the attorney will review and explain each document to the buyer or seller he or she represents. The deed, bill of sale, lease, promissory note, title commitment, and closing statement are only a few of the important documents that an attorney may review with the seller or buyer prior to the closing.


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