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Has your doctor ever told you that there is nothing wrong with you even if you have distinct, troubling symptoms that are not going to go away? Chances are, with little to no idea of where to go next for assistance, you felt discounted and bewildered. Our website provides info on Healthy Tomorrows

What your doctor probably meant was, “Given my training, I can’t find a specific disease or condition that you have and that I can prescribe for.” Luckily, there is another form of medical training that monitors the causes of your health problems and provides remedies without surgery or medications that can fix your problem.

Functional Medicine offers a clear alternative solution

A doctor examines you in traditional medicine, conducts tests and seeks to adapt your symptoms to a named illness or condition, and follows the current medical recommendations for what to prescribe for that illness or condition. However, Functional Medicine regards each patient as a particular person, conducts laboratory tests and searches for the biochemical, lifestyle and environmental causes of the health problems of that individual. The therapy then continues according to the particular triggers that have been found.

Two patients who have the same outward symptoms in Functional Medicine can be found to have entirely different reasons for their symptoms and hence completely different therapies. The great strength of this technique is to assist patients with complex, chronic health conditions that are not detected or enhanced by “cookbook” care.

Functional Medicine uses two scientifically based concepts to return you to good health:

1. To nudge your physiology back to a state of optimum functioning, add what’s missing in your body.
2. Remove everything that prevents the body from progressing towards this optimum physiological state.

Plainly put, the body needs to be safe naturally. But for your body to function at its best, essential nutrients may be needed, or contaminants such as pollutants may stand in the way of its best functioning. Second, Functional Medicine describes the variables responsible for the failure. Then it deals with certain variables in a manner suitable to your unique situation.

Your Functional Medicine doctor will call on natural agents such as vitamins, herbs, nutraceuticals and homeopathics for therapy, advise and assist you in making improvements in diet and lifestyle, offer spiritual or emotional counselling, and prescribe medications if absolutely necessary to prod your physiology back to an ideal state. Furthermore, teaching you about your health condition and its causes helps you to take care of your own health, leading to more efficient therapy.