Dental Implants & How They Work

Have you ever lost a tooth due to an accident or a dental ailment such as periodontitis? Do you have concerns about your dentures falling out? Or does a lost tooth detract from the beauty of your smile? If this is the case, you should seriously consider a dental implant. Logan Dentist offers excellent info on this.
Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are infused into the jawbone, rather than being bonded to the gums, as is commonly believed. This gives them the sturdiness and strength to support prosthetic teeth inserted to them. The end result is a fully functional replacement tooth that functions similarly to a normal tooth, but without the ability to regenerate. Replacement teeth can also be coloured to match the natural colour of your teeth.
The fact that dental implants may stand alone without the support of neighbouring teeth is one of the reasons they are so popular. In fact, when correctly injected, these metal posts resemble bones. For patients who have lost their front teeth and do not want dentures to bridge the gap, dental implants are a preferable option. Other reasons for getting dental implants include to avoid sores, dislike the clunky sensation that dentures provide, and gagging.
Dentures and bridges can also be mounted on dental implants. Dental implants as mounts for dentures should be considered by those who have lost a number of teeth and desire removable replacements that fit in easily and grasp tightly.
To maintain the implants in place, the person receiving them should have healthy gums and a solid and complete alveolar bone, according to established procedures. Because false teeth implanted on posts lack regenerating qualities, they should be well-cared for and brushed more thoroughly than natural teeth. They are more prone to tarnishing and breaking if not properly cared for.