Family Law Attorney: Financial Arrangements

The focus of cases involving a family law attorney is always on money. Whether preparing for a partnership or dissolving one, the central part of the discussion is always money. Because money is such a valuable asset, it is important for a legal representative with expertise in circumstances frequently faced by families to go into the case. Before any sort of conversation starts, you need a fixed game plan. Here are a few cases of how partnerships are influenced by finances. I strongly suggest you to visit Jensen Family Law – Mesa to learn more about this.

Prenuptials Prenuptials

Couples also make an appointment with a family law attorney to chat about a prenuptial arrangement before walking down the aisle. When the partnership is broken, this contract dictates how the funds are split. This outlines how much money the husband is going to receive, how much the wife is going to receive, and also mentions some particular requirements that might alter the agreement.

While getting married is an exciting time with so many things to look forward to, if things do not work out, people still want to protect their properties. The family law attorney will draw up this contract in the office, sign it in the office and file it.


There are still financial problems that need to be resolved when couples are not ready for divorce or are waiting to take that final step. If there is one person staying at home, who will pay the mortgage? Who is responsible for managing them whether there are car loans or credit card debt? Couples will also sort out these things amicably as they wait to see where the relationship is going. Most times, it would be appropriate to include a family law specialist to ensure that all money concerns are addressed during the breakup.

If the couple decides to get back together and sort out things, the financial arrangement for the breakup is no longer important. More drastic steps need to be taken if things are escalating and there is no way to save the marriage. In this situation, it is important to take financial care of both the husband and wife along with the children in some way.

Alimony, Divorce and Child Support

Divorce is not only a friendship being broken. It also changes the way a couple approaches their finances. A family law attorney will assist in deciding how the money should be shared between the two parties. While several states stick to a 50/50 approach, the issue is not that easily resolved most of the time. One person may be entitled, also known as alimony, to spousal support.