Finding Your Doctor – OB GYN Professionals You Can Trust

Choosing a doctor can be a difficult decision for many women. After all, you want to choose an OB GYN specialist wisely because this is the person who will be with you during the nine months of pregnancy and the actual, hopefully uneventful birth of your baby.

You want to make sure that someone you want is available when you’re about to give birth, not when they’re on holiday on your due date, leaving you with a stand-in you’ve never met. This is not the kind of disappointment you want when you call your OB GYN at 3 a.m., franticly explaining that your water has broken, only to find out that your doctor is unavailable. On your first appointment, ask your OB/GYN if there is any planned conflict with your due date; keep in mind that you may go into labour two weeks early or late on either side of that date.If you wish to learn more about this,look at this site.

So, when you’re looking for an OB/GYN, have a list of questions ready to ask, like whether they’re comfortable with and supportive of your birth plan. Whether you and your partner have a birth plan in place on how you want the birth to go, you can discuss your plans with them as soon as possible. Some women want their whole extended family, including Great-Uncle Charlie, in the delivery room with them, while others just want their birthing coach. If your future physician refuses to operate under the conditions you desire for your baby’s birth, you must either compromise, change your plans if it is a matter of the baby’s health and safety, or find someone who is comfortable with the conditions you desire for your baby’s birth.

If something goes wrong, you can also discuss your doctor’s skill level. Most women today, with adequate medical treatment, may not die in childbirth from complications that can be treated medically, but there is always the possibility that you or the baby may suffer unexpected complications. How long have you been practising your ob? What kind of experience do they have with traumatic births?

Of course, you can choose an ob with which you are familiar. Morning sickness, bloating, weight gain, and hormone spikes can take a toll on a woman’s body over nine months, and you don’t want to add to your tension by getting an ob you don’t feel 100% comfortable confiding your worries, aches and pains to, or calling in the middle of the night if you have complications.