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Strangely enough, we may also stumble while walking on sidewalks that are not completely consistent when viewed from above. If it’s not be more than a stumble, it could be a larger accident than what was thought. They foam concrete surfaces are perfectly smooth or finished to provide a non-abrasive footing. But because of this, in the progress of time, the flaws and frailties start showing themselves and begin to expand or become undulating. A sidewalk that is not well maintained will not last as long as a sidewalk that is well maintained. High temperatures, combined with poor pavement quality, is taxing on the life of the cement sidewalks. Often times the soil can play the role of devil when it shifts gradually due to accumulation of water causing the foundation of the structure to sink. Grass roots may also be a contributing cause to the flooding. Taking the time to read the guidelines for the construction company, the workers weren’t able to stick to the design guidelines and damage was done to the structure. Repairs can be very expensive as our concrete sidewalks are broken and need to be repaired. Some masonry companies charge a very large but still small amount for the work of demolishing and remodelling a sidewalk.