How To Find An Estate Planning Solicitor

There are many ways to find an estate planning solicitor. One of the best ways is through referrals; people you know and interact with have likely dealt with an attorney before. You can also find information about solicitors in your local yellow pages by checking the legal directory. You can also ask people you know who they use for their legal services. Another method is through advertisements in newspapers or online directories, including Google and Yahoo. Finally, if you find a solicitor in your area through a legal service planning directory, you should also ask them for a list of lawyers they recommend. You can learn more at Keystone Law Firm.
If you would rather not contact us today, you can go online and find a large, detailed directory of solicitors, including their contact information, and case history. Once you find a solicitor, you can learn more about them from their website, including how long they have been practicing, and if they have ever had a case that is similar to your own. You should be able to find out whether the estate planning solicitor has experience dealing with your specific type of estate (inheritance, trust, or others).
It is important to remember that estate planning solicitors cannot give legal advice. They cannot tell you what is legally binding on your heirs. They cannot tell you what type of arrangement you should make, whether a will should be prepared or what type of trust you should utilize, or how much money you should pay or who should handle it.