How To Get Your US Tax ID Number At A Glance

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a website where you can request a copy of your US Tax Identification Number. It is very important to have a copy of this document so that you are aware of what is on it. Your US Tax Identification Number is an 8-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. It is very similar to your Social Security Number, but different in that there is no birth date or death date associated with it. It is considered part of the financial records required for filing federal income tax returns. Each year, you need to submit an application requesting for the right to obtain your US Tax ID.I strongly suggest you to visit great post to read  about this.

The IRS website states that anyone who owns US Tax Identification Numbers cannot access the information on it. You need to apply for a US Tax Identification Number via mail or through the internet. The only way for a taxpayer to access his/her US Tax Identification Number is through the IRS website, as all the other ways require the taxpayer’s Social Security or Medicare number. The tax treaty is a form that you need to submit when filing your taxes and once filed; the tax treaty will request the taxpayer identification number from the taxpayer.

A US Tax ID number is not linked to a bank account. It is used only to access the IRS website. If you want to make deposits and remit tax payments, you will need to provide your SSN or Medicare Identification Number. The tax returns cannot be viewed by a person who does not have a US Tax ID or who does not have a Social Security Number. It is best to keep it secured if you do not intend to give out your SSN or Medicare Identification Number.