Hurricane Window Protection

There is one major difference between a standard and hurricane window. Standard windows are typically made from vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC or PVCU. These materials are not very resistant to wind and hail and are often prone to cracking under strong winds. Standard windows are usually broken into two, usually smaller, panels which are each connected to each other using glass panels. When hit by a large storm, they usually break into many shards which are dangerous, particularly in high winds. check Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Window

Hurricane windows, by contrast, contain two or more panes of tempered or impact-resistant glass which are attached to each other with a thin resin membrane. The hurricane glass usually comes in a single color to allow it to blend with the surrounding landscape and protect it from hail and wind damage. They are also more difficult to break through than standard windows, because of their reinforced edges. If a window is hit by a large storm and shatters, there is an added incentive to repair the damaged portions of the window as soon as possible, so as not to destroy any valuable possessions which may be inside. It’s also much less expensive to replace hurricane glass than replacing a standard one.

In order to make sure that your home is as secure as possible in the event of a hurricane, you should invest in hurricane window protection. Many manufacturers offer products which can lock the broken glass in place until the storm has passed. They are often referred to as hurricane shutters, but in essence these are just horizontal blinds that fit over the windows and are held in place by air-tight nylon harnesses. These products provide maximum protection and can cost as little as a few dollars per window. The same products are often sold in stores that specialize in window coverings and safety in general and which sell window stickers and other such items. There are even stores that sell kits which you can use to make your own hurricane shutters using parts from old windows.