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An international employment agency’s capacity to recruit, correctly advise, coach, and lead the company through the guest worker programme procedure is extremely crucial. Employers should seek out an international placement agency that has a strong reputation and has been in the Overseas employment opportunities business for some years.
Employers should only request client testimonials and case studies if they can offer them quickly. You may then be more confident in their capacity to deliver, as well as check and test their background and knowledge in order to provide you with the greatest advise and service. They should also be familiar with the rules of the nations from where they are recruiting, since this will help them avoid delays in bringing the workers to your nation once their visas have been approved.
The, for example, has the POEA, which was established to safeguard Filipino employees, and if its laws and documentation requirements are not followed correctly, it will be difficult to get people out of the nation and into new jobs.
These paperwork requirements include having the positions verified at the local Philippines consulate, which will include having the documents notarized, the salary certified, and an assurance that your company would properly care for the employees. Other nations may not require such procedures, but you should be prepared to provide a statement to your country’s embassy in that nation before receiving visas, stating that the information provided on job offer letters and about housing is truthful and correct.