Know About Sandwiches

A Sandwich is basically a simple food, usually consisting of bread, cheese or meat, usually put on or between two slices of bread, more commonly called “sandwiches.” For a short period of time in the 1800’s, these sandwiches were first known as “pans” and later as “hot dogs.” With time, however, this name became associated with a particular style of sandwich. These sandwiches were often served at large gatherings. They were known as “meatpans” and in many ways still are referred to as such today. Some of the more well known and widely known types of sandwiches that were popular during the mid 19th century are the Chicago style, New York style, Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas style sandwiches. By clicking we get more information about the Austin Sandwiches

Today, there are literally thousands of different types of sandwiches, which can be prepared in various ways. In fact, the history of sandwiches is so rich that there are several competing schools of thought regarding what sandwiches actually were in the beginning. Many people feel that sandwiches are a very modern invention and that they came about during World War II when soldiers ate them instead of the more traditional meal of a meal. Another popular theory is that sandwiches were developed as an alternative to bacon and egg sandwiches. There is even the belief that sandwiches were first created to improve the health of the American populace. Whatever the case may be, there are some basic facts that everyone needs to know when considering the many different types of sandwiches and their history.

Sandwich origins go back centuries and have been used to improve diet by providing a healthy alternative to meats. The origins of the sandwich include ancient Egypt, where bread was an important part of the diet. This is because bread was a cheap source of calories compared to meats, and as a result of this, bread was used as a sort of breading for animals. When bread became expensive, the Egyptians started using other things such as garlic and olive oil as their substitute for bread. Eventually, with the invention of paper, sandwiches began to be made from the newly-developed material. This, along with the development of paper plates and paper napkins, allowed sandwiches to be made cheaply and easily by the masses.


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