Local Marketing Strategy For A Franchise- Some Insights

Despite the global recession, many local areas are still a flourishing, and full of shops and businesses which are trying to compete against each other and attempting to thrive in the current business climate. As a small, local business, it can be hard to gain a competitive edge in a packed market place, but it is possible to get positive attention for your business by using a combination of different marketing strategies. There are a variety of different marketing strategies available to you, including both local and web-based solutions, such as social media marketing, and using the services of companies which offer search engine optimisation (SEO)to improve your search engine rankings.

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To give your business a competitive edge in the local market, it is important that you attempt to utilise a large number of different marketing strategies, rather than concentrating on just one. If you need to get some positive attention for you business in your local community, marketing strategies such as sponsoring a local sports team, or helping to raise money with charity events can help you to draw the positive attentions of local residents to your firm. Advertising in local free papers and society magazines will also attract the attention of some local residents, and you can attempt to aim these adverts specifically at your target audience by choosing to advertise in local publications which you know are read by your core demographics. It is also possible to attract the attentions of a wider audience by carrying out widespread fliering in your local area. You can employ someone to stand on the street near to your business and hand out flyers to passers-by or you can employ someone to take fliers door to door, although this can be very time consuming as they will have to visit each individual house on the street and they will not be able to target any specific demographics.

You should also try to utilise the internet as a marketing tool. Once you have created a company website, it is important to try to optimise your website so that you get the maximum number of web hits possible, both from web users in the local community, and from web users from a wider global audience. Increasing traffic to your company website can help to increase physical traffic to your local business and can help you to connect your business with a range of global opportunities. Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the best ways to improve the visibility of your company on the internet. Companies who offer SEO will help to get your website to the top of or near to the top of search engine rankings for certain keywords, which will help you to gain your company more visibility on the web. Creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for your company can also act as a form of social media marketing, which can help to connect your clients with your company and keep them up-to-date with all the latest developments within your company.