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Outdoor Barrier, the Pawz Away and Innotek Ultra collars are compatible with the Innotek Ultra Transmitter. All other systems, including the PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence that is not part of this review, are compatible with their own transmitters only.If you live in an area where other dogs run loose, there may not be an underground dog fence for you because there will be no way for you to prevent these dogs from entering your yard. The same applies to wildlife that may be chased by your dog or to predators that may attack your dog.Kindly visit All American Fence to find more information.

In the evenings and after dark, most predators are active, so you can usually avoid problems with proper precautions, such as keeping your dog inside during these times. Some dogs will get so hot with wildlife on the chase that they will run through the fence and get stuck on the outside without any way to get back in until you notice their transgression. This issue may be overcome by a fence with stronger levels of correction and more intensive training.If you have an existing conventional fence and your creative thinking dog (The Explorer?) continues to find ways out, you can consider adding an underground dog fence to keep it contained. This is the best of the worlds of both. The installation is also much simpler because the underground fence wire can simply be attached to the existing traditional fence.

The budget for a programme will play a role for some of you. With perhaps the exception of the DogTek that is new to the U.S., all the systems listed below are time tested. But you are getting what you’re paying for. The lower cost systems will work well with the right pets and in the right environments, but I would encourage you to purchase the best system you can afford. The additional characteristics could save you both time and money. For instance, over time, the cost of replacing batteries could become substantial.