Reasons to Ride Motorcycle- The Facts

When it comes to riding motorcycles, you have four ways to ride: in a group, two up, traveling in pairs (each riding their own motorcycle) or going solo. Each one has its different qualities and experiences and each has to be tried if you are a serious motorcyclist.

Group Riding: Experience it from a Group Vantage Point
Riding in a group requires coordination of the pack, rules and planned routes if the ride is going to come out smoothly. Communications among the group will be a must. Experiences will be shared among the group and riders will bring up things missed by other.

The stopping points will be like telling stories around a campfire each telling what they saw and experienced. Camaraderie is something most people will remember.

Riding Two Up Requires a Deeper Bond
Riding two up requires communications and compromises to satisfy the needs of both the rider and the passenger. It will also provide a personal touch to the road.

The passenger as well as the rider has to coordinate their movements to safely control the motorcycle, which comes easy with practice. The first try will be a little squirrely but that is part of the learning curve.

Riding two up will produce a bonding that will always be remembered. One thing to remember is the driver will have to watch the road closer and won’t be able to see all the things the passenger can see.

On the other hand, the passenger usually can’t see what is ahead and may not be able to react like the driver. This type of slow reaction may be somewhat difficult in case of a sudden unexpected emergency.

Riding in Pairs Can Bring Fond Memories
Riding in pairs will also take some communications and planning so both the riders can stay together. Getting separated, can produce problems and frustrations that will temporarily spoil the trip. I say temporarily because at the end of the tip you will have one more memory to laugh and remember. It all rides on your attitude and since of humor.

Are You a Lone Wolf?
Riding solo requires very little planning and communications with others will be at a minimum. Letting others know where you are and where you are going would be more of a courtesy than a necessity.

The freedom of riding solo is very hard to describe. If you have the time and resources, taking a trip solo will give you experiences of real freedom. On the other hand, it will also give you a since of loneliness that will hurry you back to your loved ones. Depending on your personality, the enjoyment will be varied. Traveling alone will truly let you know if you are a loner or someone who cherishes company.