Sleep Dentistry, A Pain Free Treatment

For quite some time, your tooth has been causing you pain and discomfort. You take a painkiller over-the-counter and forget all about it. A couple of days later, the pain is back again, even more strongly this time.
In the offing is a visit to the dentist. However at the prospect of entering the office of a dentist, you are petrified. The sights and sounds appear to be overwhelming when sitting in the dentist’s chair and you would rather do something than be in one. I strongly suggest you to visit Linwood Special Needs Dentist to learn more about this.
You are not alone, you are not
More than 20% of individuals are dental phobic, while almost half of us are concerned about seeing the dentist. The discomfort is one reason why the experience in itself continues to be intimidating for most people. There are constraints to it but an accomplished dentist with great Chairside skills will certainly help alleviate patient anxiety.
Dentistry of sleep, an optimal alternative
For individuals who find a visit to the dentist an unnerving experience, sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry is an efficient alternative. The dentistry of sedation is distinct from general anaesthesia; the patient is in a semi-conscious or drowsy state that varies from the general anaesthesia in which the patient is in an unconscious state.
Sedatives can be prescribed in dentistry through the following means:
1. Intravenous Usage (IV)
2. Pills and liquids orally in the form of
3. Via inhalation
Sedation intravenously or IV
In situations where dental care has a longer duration, such as tooth extraction, root canal procedures and dental implants, intravenous or IV sedation is preferred. The sedatives are given through the bloodstream directly and the effects are almost instantaneous.
The patient has a reduced level of knowledge of the whole process and a vague recollection. Depending on the amount of medicine given, the effect lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours to 6 hours over a stretch. Only dentists who have been approved by the state dental board to do so may provide IV sedation dentistry.