State Laws and Religious Exemptions Guidelines

Most humans require pictures to explain images they are unable to form in their minds. Such are produced by artists who over centuries have worked for religious organizations to turn out iconic likenesses of false gods and prophets, such as Jesus Christ and Mary. The earliest images of the latter appear during the Ice Age and are far different from those of today. Jesus Christ is modeled on Krishna, the third person of the Medic Trinity, and early statues of him were created from those of Alexander and other kings.You can learn more at

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel walls and ceiling with creations to explain the seven days of creation. He used the head of Pope Julius II, also known as the fearsome pope, for that of God. The facts are that there are no actual likenesses of any of these entities because they are straight out of the imagination of those who put religions in place.

Images of heaven that show angels and wonderful landscapes are based on nothing more than the palaces of kings who live in sheer luxury as though in their eternal place of residence. That is because they claim to be ‘sons of God’ and inheritors of the heavenly throne. It is also the reason why people bow and curtsy to them.

They are endowed with riches, jewels, and until recently had power over life and death. In some countries this is now the status of Presidents where they can overrule religious laws and impose civil laws over the people. In religiously controlled countries this is not possible as the clergy have the final say. That is why there is such rigorous control over information fed to the communities.