Peptides in Skin Care Products

Some of the most powerful anti-aging and skin rejuvenation technologies are now used in Skin Care Product Ingredients. Some of our favorite ingredients from specialists include, but are not limited to: glycolic acid, vitamin c (stabilized), hyaluronic acid, and now, peptides!

Why about peptides? Ecological variables, hormones, sun damage, etc., cause our skin to produce less collagen and elastin as we age. It is collagen that promotes our skin’s structure, making it firm and durable. Glycolic acid has the potential to stimulate collagen but must be carefully chosen in skin care products (often buffered down so much that it is ineffective), but due to the combination of high percentage ingredients, higher ph products such as Jan Marini bioclear cream and bioglycolic eye cream are highly efficient.You may want to check next.

The recent discovery of peptides (protein fragments) further enhances the capacity to activate collagen, helping us to compensate for several signs of aging.

There are several kinds of peptides (some more powerful than others) and having them at the bottom of your list of ingredients for skin care probably means that the product contains only a small amount. The other ingredients, however, may have advantages in dealing with skin rejuvenation, so do not let that discourage you unless you are looking for a fairly concentrated product. As clinical skin specialists, we study and personally use all ingredients based on the needs and desires of our customers to ensure that products that yield results are supplied to them.