Vaginal Steaming – An Update

Vaginal steaming is sometimes referred to as yoni steaming and often simplified to vaginal steam and called zen steeping, which implies “genital blessing.” It is performed in ancient East Asian cultures, where optimal sexual wellbeing is supposed to be promoted. The tradition began in India, where both mind and body were thought to be related. The hypothesis is that, since the genitals are attached to the nucleus, all impurities are expelled from the blood.

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The vagina is subjected to heat during vaginal steaming, which leads to an alkaline solution. This disrupts the vagina’s normal physical equilibrium that causes infectious bacteria to thrive. This pH disturbance enables the development of harmful bacteria that trigger vaginal infections. When confronted by multiple diseases, the immune system is sluggish and vulnerable, increasing the likelihood of bacterial infection.

Another advantage of vaginal vapor is that it involves sitting. In ancient societies, people were used to stay under a hot fire to cure different diseases. The reasoning behind this procedure is that the same temperature will improve blood pressure and oxygenate the area for the heart and the genitals. Healing is also smoother and safer. The use of steam to cure to prevent the usual habit of using cold vagina compresses will even increase wellbeing overall.