Telescoping Flagpole Chronicles

Life is always more fun when you express to the world who you are, and what you stand for. On the market are new products that help you to express who or what you stand for. I would like to share with you a new product that not only is very portable, but very durable. These 22′ telescoping flagpoles made from heavy duty fiberglass now come with locks on thew bottom three segments to prevent your flagpoles from collapsing in winds like some of the lesser quality flagpoles do. You can learn more at

We have tested and designed some of the best products out there for use when travelling. Now we have an opportunity to provide the best in portable flagpoles, that can be used anywhere you can imagine. There are many ways to show others how you feel, your thoughts, and your patriotism to these great United States.

Express how you feel about our country, show us all your love for this country. With these new flagpoles it is so easy express yourself using a wide variety of flags. Most of the companies selling flagpoles offer a wide selection of flags at very reasonable prices.

The portability of these new flagpoles is a plus… however, only one of the flagpoles on the market has the locking detents. The advantage to the locking detents, as discussed earlier, is the fact that your flagpole will not collapse in wind. I have heard many complaints about this very issue. Once the flagpole collapses the weight of the upper segments breaks the flag clips on the way down! If you do not have additional sets of flag clips, you are now left with a flagpole and no way to fly your flags! With the locking flagpole that problem no longer exists! Now, there have been many questions asked of me about the aluminum flagpoles, ranging from questions of strength, portability, overall length when collapsed for storage or transport and many more questions dealing with cost and warranty. I have several aluminum flagpoles that are telescoping, and I have looked at many others on the market. The challenges in design are as follows: If you want an affordable aluminum flagpole the wall thickness seems to be thin enough that if you are using the flagpole in high winds or gusts the flagpole will flex and bend just a little. However, aluminum is not like fiberglass, once it bends it tends to hold the distorted shape making the collapsing of the pole difficult at best when you are taking it down for storage.

In closing there are many ways to fly flags to represent who you are and how you feel about day to day life in general. These new flagpoles with locks are one of the best ways to do so. They are very affordable, and will bring years of enjoyment. Best of all these portable locking flagpoles can be used at home, office, or while travelling in your RV, trailer, 5th wheel toy hauler or even under the wheel of just about any motor vehicle using the under the wheel mount.