What You Don’t Know About Shared Hosting

A shared web hosting is a type of shared hosting where many different websites share the same computer server, usually with the help of software like Novell NetWare or RealInternet. This is the cheapest option for shared hosting, because the cost of dedicated server maintenance is divided amongst all users of the same hardware. With such services users can also be able to install third party software on their computers. This is very useful for businesses where certain programs are important to be installed only in a dedicated server, while in other cases users may wish to have adware and spyware removal programs installed in their computers to protect themselves from online security threats.
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However, it is not cost-effective. It is not economically sound to use shared hosting when you compare it with other options. The cost-effective option, which is the best suited for a small business website or a personal website, is to get a dedicated server and host the website on your own. The cost associated with shared hosting works out to be the greater portion of the monthly fee for that server, and therefore makes it economically unprofitable to use it. The other problem with shared hosting works out to be the users of that server sharing the same computer and data centre as you.

In simple terms, if a large number of website owners are on one shared server, and they each upload their own email accounts, and various file types, the overall storage space required can easily top Terabytes of data each month. This means that it would take years to fill the available disk space required, and thus it can be said that shared hosting is not a cost-effective option for online presence enhancement. On the other hand, if those same website owners are on a separate dedicated server, and each only their email accounts, then this can easily achieve 99% full coverage of the disk space required. So it is not necessary to use shared hosting for online presence if you don’t want to, or if you don’t need to share resources with others.