What You Should Do If a Debt Collector Has Sued You-Everything You Need to Know

From morning till night, your phone doesn’t stop ringing. Debt collectors are taught to make your life miserable. If they make you mad, they’ve won. That’s the game — to get you as mad as possible. About why? I assume they have studies that suggest people who owe money, but who can’t afford to pay their debts at the moment, when under such extreme stress, will come up with a way to make payments.

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Did you know that calling your boss, your family and your neighbours is legal for debt collectors in most states? They just have permission to do this if they can’t find you. That is, to find you at your address or your phone number, they must have taken action. They can make certain types of calls only if they have tried and failed. And they’re only expected to manufacture them once.

There’s nothing they are expected to mention about a debt not being paid. It’s just legal for them to question if they know your place of residence or if they know your phone number. But who wants that, yet?

Fortunately, to avoid this sort of attack, there are many things you can do.

Some of them are here:

1. You can write a letter with a cease and desist. It’s very easy and very short. “you are to stop contacting me immediately”you must immediately stop contacting me.

2. Get yourself a small, inexpensive audio cassette recorder for those of you who are brave enough, and actually tape the call. There are a variety of do’s and you don’t have to be aware of them.

First, always ask them, “since you are recording me, is it okay if I record you?” This always makes them blow their tops, and you can get them to say some pretty bad stuff – all of which you’re going to have on tape. The reason you should reveal the fact that you are recording them is that they may call from a 2-party state, which allows both parties to agree to be registered, even though you live in a 1-party state, where it’s legal if 1 party consents (you are that party).

Second of all, never, never, ever, ever lose that coolness. You want to make yourself as respectful and relaxed as you can be. If you find yourself entering a tense discussion where you know that you are going to say something “bad” – just hang up politely and save it for another day.

Third, have a little script of the things you’d like to say and just calmly read from the script.