White Collar Crime Attorney: Why Do You Need One?

A white collar criminal attorney is an attorney who deals primarily with white collar crimes but may also prosecute other white collar crimes as part of their practice. White collar crimes, also known as white-collar criminal law or white collar criminal activity, involves a wide range of criminal acts performed by corporations and companies that fall outside the scope of typical criminal law, including theft by an individual, false pretenses, embezzlement, perjury, and other computer and internet crimes. These laws are considered to be extremely complicated and oftentimes take years to put together. Therefore, unless you have specific experience in the area, you may want to consider a white collar criminal defense attorney. Visit Parsippany-Troy Hills White Collar Crime Attorney.

Consider this example. An accountant who accepts unauthorized cash payments may be charged with money laundering, which is a felony, rather than theft. Even if the accountant committed white collar crime such as embezzling the funds for personal use, he could still be prosecuted for money laundering. The government’s decision to pursue such cases is based on the theory that criminals will sometimes attempt to hide or move their wealth to evade detection or punishment. In many instances, an embezzler will return large sums of money, only to be arrested, tried and convicted of money laundering.

The goal of a white collar crime attorney is not to punish the defendant but to defend him or her against serious charges. These attorneys will aggressively investigate all potential charges and present all evidence in the strongest possible legal argument. They will also aggressively negotiate with prosecutors on a variety of plea offers in order to obtain the most favorable outcome for their client. As many times as it is difficult to say whether a defendant is guilty or not, a competent, white collar crime attorney can help you mount a strong defense against the charges against you. You should contact a white collar crime attorney as soon as possible if you are facing such charges.