Why You Need Danville Bail Bonding Agent

A bail bondsman, bail bonding agent or bail bond broker is any individual, corporation or agency that will act as a guarantee and pledge property or money as collateral for the release of a defendant from jail. He is also responsible for reporting any changes in the defendant’s financial status to the court. The bondsman is paid a fee by the bail bondsman or bail bond agency, and is reimbursed by the defendant when he is released from jail. In exchange, the bondsman is obligated not to post cash directly to the bank of the person who has been arrested and that he will post this amount through various legal means, such as post-dated check, cashier’s check, money order etc.Feel free to find more information at Danville bail bonding agent.

To qualify for the bail bondsman, the accused must provide proof that he is a resident of the jurisdiction and he is charged with the crime with which he is accused. He must also prove that the reason for his arrest is justified and that the evidence against him is insufficient to justify the arrest. He must provide two of the most important proofs: he must be able to produce a valid and current bank account and he must be able to produce a driver’s license or a valid passport. He is required by law to provide the courts with three essential information about himself: his present employment, date of birth and his present residence. He is not allowed to give any of these three documents if the person is indigent.

Other requirements for bail bondsmen are that he should be a US citizen; he should be at least eighteen years of age; and he should be a taxpayer. Another important requirement of a bail bondsman is that he should be practicing under a registered agent. He is required to disclose all information and details about himself, along with his employer and himself if he is the owner of a business. He should not give any information to anyone other than the person stated in the prescribed set of requirements.