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Window shutters are a strong and steady window covering usually made up of a wooden frame with horizontal and vertical wooden rails attached. Shutters mounted over this wooden frame can either be solid panels, louvers, fabric, frosted glass and just about any other material that can be attached to a wooden frame. In recent years, shutters have become more of an art form in their own right, thanks to a variety of artisans and designers who have designed and manufactured these durable, decorative window accessories. Shutters can also be painted to match the interior design of any home or business, so whether you are looking for a window treatment to keep the sun out or one that is functional for the purpose of privacy, shutters are an attractive option.Feel free to find more information at Shuttercraft Colchester, Essex.

Louvered shutters have two curved panels of glass, whereas fixed louvers have horizontal panels attached to a single frame that has nozzles or louvers at various levels. Both types of shutters can control light with the addition of slats or drapes. These slats can allow varying amounts of light into the room, depending on what is needed for the specific function, such as a darkened room for privacy or a bright room for brightening up a space. Louvered shutters are more expensive and have more details than their louvered counterparts, but the overall effect is more visually appealing.

Another type of window treatment that provides a simple solution for privacy concerns is the plantation shutters. The plantation shutters are often referred to as louvered shutters, because of the louvered panels that line the louvered sections of each panel. These panels can be arranged to direct light or block it completely, depending on the desired situation. This kind of window covering is not really suitable for all kinds of windows but is often the most attractive when it comes to adding a little bit of style and functionality to already existing windows. This window treatment option is not a replacement for curtains or drapes – rather it acts as a complementary window covering to existing windows. Shutters are available in a variety of materials, colors and styles, making them an easy way to update a home when it might seem like there is too much work to be done.

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