About Stucco Repair

Stucco is an old, well-liked type of building material that is widely used for many home purposes. However, one of its main drawbacks is that the stucco tends to erode over time, and this may lead to some serious structural problems. As the years pass, water seepage below the surface causes small chips and cracks to appear, as well as soft areas which are known to be prone to mold growth. When the protective layer is breached, the weakened barrier can easily deteriorate, and stucco repair soon becomes a necessity.I strongly suggest you to visit Stucco Repair Near Me to learn more about this.

Typically, repairing damage caused by water penetration is not very complicated. For instance, small cracks might only need a little sanding to smooth out and seal. However, large cracks and gaps could require filling with a waterproofed compound, sanding it down, and finally sealing it back to keep water from penetrating further. The first step in stucco repair is identifying what has actually caused the damage, and then carrying out preventative measures. For example, if it is obvious that the damage is due to a hole in the siding, then there is no need to fill the hole; alternatively, if you find that the damage is confined to one area, such as the interior or exterior of the wall, then it might be a good idea to drill through the entire surface and repair the damage.

It is important to keep in mind that there are many different types of stucco repair techniques available nowadays. For instance, there are a number of companies who provide Stucco Finish Systems, which includes the most popular cement-based Stucco System, known as the Epoxy Stucco Finish System. There are also a number of systems based on different types of Acrylic Stucco System, which is also used by many professional stucco specialists. These systems work by filling the cracks and gaps, as well as sealing them back with an acrylic coat, so that the structure remains as water-resistant as possible.