AWE Air Water Energy – The Truth

A licensed HVAC Contractor is a company whose service technicians are charged with repairing, installing, and maintaining those heating and cooling systems which are maintained by a central company. For purposes of licensing, an HVAC technician must be licensed in one or more categories in Ohio, depending on the services provided. For example, in the state of Ohio, an individual license is needed for such a business to do these services; therefore, if you want to be an HVAC Contractor, it would be best if you have your relevant license. However, in certain cases, an individual may still be able to work as an HVAC Contractor if he meets certain educational requirements.Know more on AWE Air Water Energy-Furnace Installation Wheaton
Besides the license, an HVAC contractor must also have a certificate of clearance from the OHSA (OH Department of Labor). This certification will assure you that your HVAC Contractor is working according to code, so if there are problems, you can report them right away. There are different regulations in each state concerning these contractors. In general, HVAC technicians who are licensed are allowed to repair heating and cooling systems, while those who aren’t have to do so. Additionally, an HVAC technician who is licensed is required to complete a specific number of hours of training each year in order to maintain his certification.