Basic Information About How to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Clean and Healthy

Every year, we spend billions of dollars on our obsession with keeping young and healthy. You may not realize it, but a bright, white smile is the epitome of health and youth. While it is costly and complicated to rejuvenate your skin and body with plastic surgery, caring for your teeth is inexpensive and easy. Are your gums and teeth healthy? Have you been looking at them lately in the mirror? CheckĀ

The toothbrush is regarded by most individuals as their key tool against tooth decay. After every meal and at bedtime, dentists recommend cleaning, but the average person just does it twice a day. If you are one of those average individuals, after breakfast and before bedtime is the ideal time to brush.

How firm should your toothbrush’s bristles be – soft, medium, or hard? It’s just a matter of choice, but dentists suggest that if your gums are sensitive, you turn to an ultra-soft bristle.

Never share someone else’s toothbrush with you. Toothbrushes are bacterial breeding grounds. Sharing a toothbrush clearly implies contaminating the mouth with bacteria from the mouth of someone else.

Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with tap water after brushing for at least twenty seconds to remove any toothpaste and debris. In an upright position, store the toothbrush and allow it to dry. A moist atmosphere that encourages the growth of most germs is created by placing a plastic cover on it and tossing it into a cabinet. You can buy an ultraviolet sanitizer if you’re particularly worried about the bacteria on your brush.

Purchase a new toothbrush every two months, or if you should ever drop it on the floor, after some bout of illness.

There is a high chance that you would still use toothpaste if you do use a manual toothbrush. In addition to just cleaning your teeth, you have to decide what else you want to address: enamel hardening, prevention of gingivitis, tartar control, organic ingredients, and breath freshening. There is a dizzying array to choose from. One ingredient that most toothpaste contains is fluoride. Triclosan, an antibacterial agent, is another ingredient to look for.

Power toothbrushes are the biggest and latest innovative technology. First came the electronic sonic brushes, saying 90% of the plaque was gone (compared to a manual toothbrush at 40 percent ). A few years later, cheaper, battery-powered auto-rotating brushes entered the market. For the most costly electronic brush, the bargain spin brushes start at $6 and scale all the way up to $150.