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Medical cannabis use is not recommended until more research is completed. Experts warn that just because there is no conclusive evidence that cannabis use can cause schizophrenia or other major mental problems does not mean it couldn’t. Another unexpected consequence of cannabis use is that it can impair attention, focus, and memory. When a patient takes this medication with alcohol or other substances, he may develop a tolerance to the medication’s effects. When this occurs, he may require a higher dosage of cannabis products to achieve the same impact, increasing his likelihood of having negative side effects.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Craft Cannabis Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, Wanatchee

Oils, pills, and diffusers are among the most popular cannabis products. Although most people identify cannabis with smoking, it can be consumed in a variety of ways. Because of their simplicity of use and low cost, these cannabis products are becoming increasingly popular.

Short-term effects are common in some of the most popular cannabis products. THC is the chemical ingredient in cannabis that causes the short-term effects you experience when you smoke it. However, because this ingredient is also what makes you high, some people may find themselves high for days without ever realising it. Some people have been known to use cannabis for up to twenty hours without feeling any different than when they went to bed. These folks are only experiencing the drug’s short-term effects, but it keeps them awake long enough for them to do something about it.

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