Dedicated and Colocation Server Web Hosting

As this is one of the most well-known concepts in the web hosting industry, most will be aware of dedicated hosting servers. These days, even small to mid-sized companies tend to host their website/s on dedicated servers owing to the manageable prices. Until recently, though, only major corporations and organisations could manage a dedicated server. Dedicated servers will handle large amounts of data. Windows Dedicated Server and Linux Dedicated Server are further separated from these servers. One may select between these two sites to host the website/s, based on the website’s specifications. Generally, if a website utilises either of the Microsoft technology such as ASP and .Net and includes a MsSQL database, you have no other choice but to use Windows Dedicated Servers to host the website/s. Although it may be hosted on either of the sites if the web is prepared using PHP which includes a MySQL database. Users typically tend to host a Debian Dedicated Server for such websites.Learn more about us at 4 Key Tips to Optimize Your Blog’s Performance

A consumer can lease a whole server from a host in the Dedi Servers segment, and use it as per the requirements. You have full root access to the site, so you can instal any programme or service of your choosing from the web hosting company without restrictions. Of course, the terms of use defined by the webhost must be respected. Choosing managed dedicated server hosting will make it easy for you to maintain, upload security updates, backup and recovery, etc. You can rest assured of the data and website protection and its maximum efficiency with leased dedicated servers. The consumer is granted the right to change the hardware components and OS server configurations according to the specifications. One may also inquire for the dedicated servers to be customised. Any suppliers of web hosting often provide free backup servers with the kit.

The position is somewhat different from the site hosting facility for dedicated servers. Colocation facilities are often referred to as servers for Colo. The hardware is operated by the customer itself in the collocation web hosting solution. Such dedicated hosting servers are located in the web hosting provider’s data centre building. To utilise this service, it is necessary that the hardware and software licences are held by the consumer. The client has the luxury of handling the dedicated servers itself. The web hosting firm offers hardware security, bandwidth, control, space and redundant network connectivity. If you are willing to pay any additional costs, the host can offer your server technological support and management services.

Colocation is one of the most costly forms of options for webhosting. Webmasters with solid server administration skills or big organisations and businesses can afford web hosting facilities from Colocation. The owner of the server typically has to take charge of the hardware repairs, programme updates, protection fix upgrades. But the host can do things for you with controlled collocation services.

There are individual pros and cons for Dedicated Hosting Servers as well as Colocation Servers. You get to experience the same amenities with dedi servers as with colocation servers, but you don’t really own the server hardware, whilst the client has to spend in the pricey server hardware with Colocation servers and compensate the site host for the initial set-up fee.