Features Of Water Damage Service

Many people are helpless when sudden water damage occurs. They do not know how to handle this unexpected crisis situation, at least until their Utah water damage service provider arrives.
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When your property is flooded because of a natural disaster, or a broken water pipe, do not panic. Instead of running frantically through your home or business, call a full-service property restoration company. These experts know how to handle damage caused by water, and can advise you on what you should or should not do. Your Utah water damage service advisor will explain to you that:

– You should not drink or prepare food with tap water as it could be contaminated;
– Opening doors and windows will air out the house and speed up the drying process;
– You should not use matches as gas lines may also be damaged;
– Standing floodwater can be contaminated with sewage and oil. Do not stand in it!
– Kids and pets should not remain in flooded areas;
– You should wash clothes, pillows, drapery and upholstered with hot water;
– Heat should not be used to speed-dry closed building interiors. It can damage your possessions even more and encourages mildew;
– You should block off safe areas from those that are contaminated;
– Sponging and blotting up standing water from accessible flat surfaces is a good idea;
– Removing saturated carpets and rugs can limit the damage to your floors;
– Rooms with sagging ceilings should be avoided. They can collapse.
– You should remove computers and other electronics to a dry environment. Blow-dry them with low pressure air.