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The reality is this, more new patients can or may not handle the exact issues plaguing any specific practise, but I’m sure you might accept that with a few extra new ones per week, most of us will be at least a little better off. That is because it is a crucial feature of chiropractic practise to obtain fresh patients. It is therefore no less necessary to know how to sustain a constant influx of new chiropractic patients into your office than to know how to provide a high-quality health care service from the point of view of maintaining a stable company that can continue to serve your community.
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So—So… How will you build your office with a steady stream of new chiropractic patients? Oh, it doesn’t come from thinking like a doctor. That is because within a health care organisation, “doctor” is a specific hat and has nothing to do with marketing. Chiropractic marketing consists of numerous hats that are not the hat of a “doctor” In fact, the reason some talk dismissively about other chiropractors who advertise their practises is because they worry about the “image” that the doctor generates for the remainder of the profession. The “image” issue has its roots in the fact that a doctor belongs in a company’s health care distribution division in this society, not the marketing division. That’s not to suggest that I don’t think chiropractors can market themselves-on the contrary, I KNOW IT’S Important FOR CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICES TO DO Efficiently AND ON A Broad SCALE CHIROPRACTIC MARKETING. I’m just pointing out WHY anyone would think it’s unusual for the doctor to do the marketing.
Marketing chiropractic’s is important. Here is the reason why:
I think it is important for a chiropractor not only to understand how to do the various chiropractic marketing activities (regardless of whether he does them himself or supervises these activities in practise), but also to understand the topic of chiropractic marketing so well that he can think like a marketer