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We all understand that solids will melt into liquids when heated. When they are further heated, they transition into gas, such as steam or vapour. Sublimation is when a solid transform directly into a gas, skipping the liquid state.
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Just think of the hot pan that throws ice into it. It sizzles and, instead of melting, generates steam. Heat is not used, however, to skip the liquid phase when attempting to restore books, records, or photos. That would certainly destroy them, and that could possibly even destroy them completely. The way it works is that the materials are cooled at a rapid rate to a temperature of approximately -10- or -15-degrees F. This decreases the probability that your possessions will be ruined or warped by ice crystals. This is not accomplished through heat; it is through pressure. One variable is the height of the water lever or the amount of water that needs to be extracted. Of course, the more water that the contractor needs to remove from the affected area, the greater the price. Pricing a task is accomplished on a case-by-case basis and different water restoration companies give a lot of different estimates on the same job. The best way to understand how much a job will cost is to guarantee that your professional firm provides you with a written quote containing a breakdown of the costs so that you have a clear reference. If the water damage to your home is so extensive that you cannot live in it, your insurance company will advance you the cash required to pay for additional living expenses while you are forced out of your home. This is typically equivalent to 20 percent of your policy and is in addition to the cash you will receive for repairing your home. In your temporary residence, temporary living expenses typically include food, rental, telephone or utility installation. Make sure that you keep the receipts for all your temporary living expenses.