Hilton Piano Center LLC Guidelines

What to consider when buying a piano? Many things, to be honest.
1) Budget / Price: How much are you willing to spend to buy an instrument? For example, you definitely do not want spend a few hundred thousand bucks on a concert grand, if you are just starting to take lessons. Hilton Piano Center LLC, Albany offers excellent info on this.

2) Space: How much room do you have for your piano? If you need a good piano, but do not have room for a grand piano – a tall upright is the solution.

3) Tone & touch: This really depends on your personal likings. You need to test playing the pianos yourselves before selecting. Even if you are just starting to take lessons, try to press the keys – do you like the sound? Do you like the touch? How loud and how soft can the piano go? Are the keys responsive enough – if you press hard, do you find the sound goes loud enough, and if you press softly, does the sound goes soft enough?

4) Length of the piano: The measurement of length is for grand pianos, and the height is for upright pianos. As a general guideline, the larger the length or the height, the heavier the touch will be, and the better the tone & responsiveness will be.

5) The piano shop technicians / after sales service: This is very important, all pianos (except electronic pianos) will go out of tune, whether you play them or not. It is important to find out whether the shop provides tuning services.

Other important tips when buying a piano
1) If you know a honest piano technician, it is always good to ask him/her to help you on piano selection. He / she will be able to look at the internals of a piano to tell whether it is in a good condition or not. Bring your technician to the piano shop and ask him to try them out.

2) If you do not know a piano technician, why not bring over your piano teacher / instructor? Teachers definitely has better piano knowledge than beginners.

3) Buying pianos over eBay: yes it is possible! But I personally do not recommend doing this, let’s don’t talk about the security about trading over the internet – the fact is you do not get to test and try the piano for yourself, you might be ending spending lots of money and getting an instrument which you hate.

4) Reconditioned / refurbished pianos: it is really hard to find good reconditioned / refurbished pianos nowadays. No doubt that we do have good ones, however these are really hard to find. If you do not have a piano technician / teacher to help you out, avoid those. Reconditioned pianos usually goes out of tune quickly, and has bad touch and bad respond.

5) Electronic pianos: if you really have budget constraints, think of this: most people only buy ONE piano in their entire life time – do you want to end up playing a bad touch, bad respond, too light touch electronic keyboard after 20, 30 years? Honestly I still recommend to totally AVOID electronic pianos, whatever the sales person tells you.


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