Home Healthcare – A Closer Look

Home healthcare is medical support or independent care offered by an independent professional caregiver within the person’s home, rather than medical care given in an institution such as nursing homes or clinics. Home healthcare is also sometimes called domiciliary care, communal care or domiciliary assistance. The objective of home healthcare is to promote personal health and wellbeing, alleviate the effects of physical illness, strengthen the person’s ability to perform self-care, increase the independence of the person and assist the person to return to active and productive life. Home Healthcare organizations provide a variety of services to individuals who require specialized home care such as skilled nursing care, adult day care, assisted living or geriatric care.I strongly suggest you to visit Your Choice Home Care Atlanta – Dekalb Home Health, Snellville to learn more about this.

An independent licensed home health care agency offers many advantages to the patients, such as personalized one-on-one medical care; the potential for increased independence and increased comfort; and an opportunity to earn some additional income. When choosing an agency to assist you with your personal needs, be sure the agency is an accredited and insured agency. You may want to investigate the agency’s history and ask friends and family if they have experience with any agency. Ask about the qualifications of their staff members, the range of services they offer, what types of assistance are provided, and how frequently they assess the health and needs of the patients. When interviewing staff members, it is important to ensure they are knowledgeable about your specific condition and have experience with your particular problems, and that they are emotionally and physically able to assist you.

It is always best to take a close friend or family member with you during your homebound visit. They can help you through the interview process with the medical staff and make sure that your needs are met and your expectations are fulfilled. Your loved one should also understand the type of services he or she will receive at the home. It is important to have the information both of you need before making your final decision on homebound services for Medicare.


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