How To File A Disability Insurance Claim – McKennon Law Group PC

You have worked tirelessly for your entire career, but because of a physical or mental impairment, you now find yourself unable to pursue your trade. Not alone are you. In fact, some figures show that a person has a 50:50 chance of developing a debilitating disorder in their mid-thirties that keeps them from working for at least three months before they retire. In addition, over a period of more than five years before hitting retirement, one out of seven employees may become disabled. Our website provides info on McKennon Law Group PC

Luckily, to offset the possibility that you would become ill, you were smart enough to buy disability insurance. Unfortunately, however a complex scheme has been developed by disability insurance providers to optimize benefit and avoid paying your demand, regardless of the merits of the condition. Why do you prevent the rejection or revocation of your disability insurance claim?

Among the various challenges that you will potentially face while making a disability insurance coverage petition are:

Understanding, reading and following properly the terms of confusing plans drawn up by insurance companies;
Recognizing, preventing and coping with the attempts of insurance providers to tire down claims by slowing the process of claiming;
Ensuring that it takes time and resources for the treating doctors to record the condition properly and in a way that is beneficial to the claim;
Avoiding the efforts by insurance providers to use out-of-context covert monitoring as a reason to cancel or reject your application for disability insurance;
Ensure the independent diagnostic and psychiatric tests are carried out correctly, objectively and without the possibility of injury;
Fighting the efforts of insurance providers to cancel or refuse disability insurance claims only because your condition’s signs are subjective or self-reported;
Overcoming the vast variety of other strategies and instruments created by insurance firms to establish a rationale for refusing genuine disability insurance benefits, when profit is their primary objective.