Importance of  First Defense Insulation

Recover your funds!

If you live in Ireland, Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) can repay you up to €250 for attic insulation upgrades (ceiling level roof insulation). It is the same in other European Union nations, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other wealthy nations. The refund will be handled by the appropriate organisations in each of these nations.  You can learn more at First Defense Insulation

What is the reason behind this

Insulation for the Attic

if your building’s insulation isn’t done correctly (or has already died), it’s one of the major contributors to your energy expenditures. The heat loss from the top building shell is directly attributed to the attic, which is in direct contact with the roof and contains heated inhabited regions.

Is it difficult and expensive to retrofit?

Attic insulation is one of the most straightforward projects a DIY enthusiast or a house handyman can take on. All you have to pay is the cost of insulating material. Even semi-skilled labour (under your supervision) would suffice and be economical if you are not proficient with DIY projects.

The cost of materials varies greatly depending on the kind of insulation you choose. The sort of material you use will be determined by the location and sort of modification you have in mind.

Determine what needs to be improved.

The following are the three kinds of insulation upgrades:

Completely re-insulating the attic- (Can happen if not insulated at all previously or is badly perished at present )

Adding to the insulation that’s already there – (in order to make up the required thickness)

Air ducts, water tanks, and pipes are insulated, and leaks are plugged.

The best material for attic insulation

There are so many different kinds of insulation on the market that picking one might be challenging. The following are important features to look for in attic insulation:

Fixing a problem is simple.

It’s simple to top up existing insulation to get the proper thickness.

Good heat-leakage resistance (i.e., a higher R value/low “U” value)

Settling resentment

Permeability of water is low.

Repairing any mechanical damage to the installed insulation is simple.

Coverage surrounding luminaires and vent grilles is possible.

Defends against vermin attack

Fiberglass quilt, rock wool, slag wool, hemp, sheep’s wool, and other fibrous insulations are mentioned. In addition to cutting to size and installing as bats or slabs, other polymer insulations such as Expanded Polystyrene foam, Polyurethane, and others may be sprayed. The polymer insulations, on the other hand, may only be used to replace existing insulation if they are of the same kind. Closed cell insulation in slab form, such as Butyl, Nitrile, and other synthetic rubbers, might also be employed.


A decent attic insulation or ceiling level roof insulation upgrade may provide the following advantages.

Energy bills are lower.

Increased levels of relaxation

Low initial investment costs

Payback time is short.

Emissions of greenhouse gases are being reduced.