Important Element about Houston Gynecomastia

The question, “what is gynecomastia?” often arises when individuals first hear about gynecomastia. For the most part, through its more colloquial nicknames such as man boobs or moobs, individuals only know gynecomastia. Visit Houston Gynecomastia.¬†Of course, these types of nicknames can be extremely hurtful for people who are suffering from this embarrassing condition. As such, it is much better to use the clinical term for individuals who suffer from gynecomastia. The presence of enlarged breast tissue in males is gynecomastia. Many individuals are astonished at the high numbers of men and boys who at some point in their lives suffer from this condition. The percentage of individuals who suffer from or have suffered from gynecomastia at some point in their lives in the neighbourhood ranges from thirty to sixty percent, according to a number of studies.There are a number of different types of gynecomastia, but the most common ones are the big three. “Pubertal gynecomastia, pseudo gynecomastia, and “puffy nipples” are the three most common types of gynecomastia. When boys experience puberty, pubertal gynecomastia develops and is a consequence of the fluctuations in hormones that are experienced in life during this period. During puberty, many adolescent boys develop gynecomastia, and for the vast majority of boys, the gynecomastia fades away once their hormones return to normal. This can take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years in most situations. With that said, some boys never lose their pubertal gynecomastia and, should they choose to do so, require surgery to have it removed.Pseudo gynecomastia is a very common occurrence, particularly in the United States. Not surprisingly, pseudo gynecomastia is not genuine gynecomastia. The presence of excess glandular breast tissue is true gynecomastia, whereas pseudo gynecomastia is just the presence of excess fat on the chest. Everyone carries their weight differently, and there is a greater accumulation of fat in the chest area for some men, making their chest more prominent.