Important Element about Killeen Home Inspection

A home inspection is an assessment of a home’s visible and usable systems and components (plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, construction, roof, and so on), with the intention of providing the customer (buyer, seller, or homeowner) with a clearer understanding of the home’s overall condition. Typically, a buyer will request an inspection of a home that he or she is serious about buying. I strongly suggest you visit to learn more about this. A home inspection offers details that can be used to validate or refute buying decisions, as well as reveal significant and/or expensive-to-repair defects that the seller/owner may be unaware of. It is not a valuation of the land, and it does not include the cost of maintenance. It does not guarantee that the home meets local building standards, nor does it protect a client if an item inspected fails in the future. [Warranties may be purchased for a range of items.

There are several different views on what makes a successful Home Inspection report, as shown by the multiple report formats and software programmes used to produce them. I was making drawn (gulp…yes, hand-written) reports using carbon copy report forms in triplicate (three copies…press hard, please) back when there were no computers involved in the process when I was in the Home Inspection industry for more than 15 years. In reality, I had to be dragged into what I’ll refer to as the new computer age, not by my hair, and not quite literally…but almost…kicking and screaming. In retrospect, it was a significant improvement (in most ways, anyway…I have yet to have my wrist “crash”…but I digress). As the owner of a Raleigh Home Inspection company, I have my own professional opinion about what goes into a good Home Inspection and what a good Home Inspection report should look like.