IT Support Specialist – What Exactly Do They Do?

IT Support refers to services which companies offer to end users of particular technology products or services for repair, configuration, upgrading, installation and maintenance purposes. In a broader sense, IT support also offers guidance regarding specific issues with a computer software product, hardware device, application, operating system or security feature, and usually does not provide training, provision of new hardware or software, or other technical support services. It is usually provided by computer manufacturers and computer service providers and is often subdivided into various types of services to include off-site management, online management, network management, desktop management, video management and data management. Off site IT support usually refers to onsite support provided by third parties. Online IT support is generally provided by the company itself.Checkout IT Support Chicago for more info.

An IT specialist has the knowledge of a particular area of IT. A specialist may specialize in one or more areas, such as database management, networking, software, desktop management, hardware, security, and data center maintenance. Usually an IT specialist works as part of a larger team, called a Service or Product Development team. Within a S/P team, specialists can be grouped according to their specialized area of expertise. These specialists can be divided further into specialized groups, like network specialists, computer software specialists, imaging technicians, diagnostics technicians and support staff.

An IT specialist provides computer system support through different methods depending on the nature of the issue. These methods include hardware troubleshooting, software diagnostics and software upgrading. If hardware is the problem, the technician investigates the cause of the hardware failure, then offers suggestions and solutions. If the system is operating without proper software, the technician teaches the customer how to customize the program to work properly and returns them the results of a test to determine the problem. If the system is running but not properly supporting the operating system, the specialist has to either upgrade the software or fix any hardware issues.


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