Los Angeles Board and Train – Types of Services Offered by Professional Dog Trainers

Different types of boarding and training services offered by professional dog trainers. Whether you need a dog for a one-night vacation or for a permanent residence, dog boarding can provide the much-needed love, companionship and exercise your dog needs to become a happy pet. Whether you choose kennel board or crate training, dog boarding can make sure your dog spends time with you and others in a safe, fun environment. Boarding services are available throughout the United States and may even be found in your local area. Our website provides info on Los Angeles Board and Train
House Training: House training is the process of teaching your puppy or dog to go to the designated area of your house and relieve itself. If you have a home-based puppy, this process will probably begin with potty training or clicker training. As you and your dog to master the skills of going to the bathroom in the proper areas, you can begin to move on to other types of advanced dog obedience training such as advanced agility training or schutzhund dog training. House training is a basic training that most puppy trainers will include in basic dog classes.
Basic Board and Train Services: Dogs will be boarded during scheduled, preplanned visits. During these visits, the trainer will introduce the basics of good house training, including appropriate elimination locations, food preparation, acceptable dog toys, etc. Once these are learned, your dog will be responsible for his or her own elimination schedule and will not have to ask you to take him out or wait at the door. When the training process is complete, the trainee will be house trained and you can take your dog back to the spot on which you took him or her; the spot will always be clean, so there will be no accidents.