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A mortgage company, also referred to as a mortgage banker or mortgage broker, is a commercial entity organized and functioning as an agent responsible for brokering commercial mortgage loans. It acts as a middleman between the lender and borrower in the lending process and usually receives a fee for its services.Learn more by visiting Prime Mortgage, Costa Mesa

The name mortgage banker or mortgage broker comes from the title of the regulatory agency that grants the lender authority to engage in the business. Mortgage companies are also referred to as commercial mortgage bankers. A mortgage company generally is only the issuer of a loan; however, it sometimes is the direct source of a loan itself and often seeks funds from among a number of customer financial institutions who provide the funds for the loan itself. The customer is referred to as the lender in this case.

Commercial banks are the lender’s primary form of funding. Most banks deal exclusively with individual customers who apply for loans and need to be approved for such loans. The other form of funding, most commercial banks provide is discount Broker Banks. In addition, discount Broker Banks often originates the loan for other companies and help them obtain necessary financing from banks to fund their own projects.

Mortgage companies provide a wide range of commercial loans. Many are direct lenders, meaning that they originate the loans and provide them to the customer. Direct lenders do not require a great deal of paperwork from the borrowers, since they simply forward the request for loans to another company for underwriting and determining the risk of lending to the customer. Lenders like this system because they can determine more easily whether or not to approve a loan application. Mortgage companies also provide financing to investors and individuals directly. If you are interested in purchasing a new home or investing in commercial real estate property, you may want to contact a number of mortgage companies in your area to learn more about the various loans they provide and to learn which one is the best option for your situation.

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