Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

If you live in a house with an older roof, you’ve probably noticed water dripping from your ceiling, skylight, or fixtures at some point. A roof leak can also be detected by the sound of dripping water behind your walls. Roof leaks are a common issue for homeowners, and the risk of a leak rises as roofs mature. So, what are the most common causes of roof leaks? Even if you keep up with routine maintenance, your roof will leak for a variety of reasons. The top four reasons your roof may be leaking are mentioned below. look at this site

Weather Conditions

There is no roof that is totally impervious to the influence of the elements. Roofs have a much shorter life span in more severe climates. Weather has an effect on your roof regardless of the season. Sun exposure dries shingles and roofing paper, wind may strip shingles, and rain, ice, and snow are all common causes of roof leaks.

Another big cause of leaky roofs is the combination of wind and rain. Since rain falls in a variety of directions due to the wind, angled rain may get under roof coverings and cause structural damage as well as leaks. Furthermore, in northern climates, ice is especially harmful to roofs. Ice dams form when ice forms on the eaves of a building. Ice dams prevent water from draining properly, resulting in ice accumulation under flashings and roofing paper. When ice and water overflow into your home, the ice melts and leaks form, particularly if your home is significantly warmer than the outdoors.

Gutters Blocked

Another factor that often causes roof leaks is clogged gutters. Regular gutter maintenance can help to keep blocked gutters from being a problem and causing leaks. Clear leaves and debris from your gutters before rainy or snowy seasons to enable proper drainage from your roof. Debris in your gutters not only raises the risk of roof destruction, but it also leads to the formation of ice dams.