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To pass the flame law test, some organic mattress manufacturers make an organic product just to spray it with these chemicals. So, just because you’re buying an organic mattress doesn’t mean you’re getting a chemical-free mattress. It simply means that you are purchasing a mattress made from organic products that have been chemically treated. Think of the hypocrisy! The significance of organic wool becomes clear at this stage. Wool is naturally fire resistant. When exposed to a flame, wool does not burn. When enough wool is used (an inch compressed), it becomes a fire retardant that meets federal blaze law specifications, eliminating the need for chemicals. Although using wool is more expensive, a true organic mattress maker goes above and beyond to ensure that your mattress is chemical-free and genuinely organic. By the way, there are other fire-proofing options that aren’t chemical, but aren’t natural or organic either. Be certain to inquire about the use of organic wool as a fire retardant in the organic mattress. Our website provides info on Tempe Mattress Shop
Another thing to think about when buying a new organic latex mattress is the type of cover used by the maker. The cover should be made entirely of natural materials. Though there are a variety of materials to choose from for the cover, cotton is the best choice. Bamboo, on the other hand, is a bad option due to the manufacturing process it goes through. Bamboo processing necessitates the use of several toxic chemicals, rendering it “non-organic.” The majority of bamboo fabric is produced in China, where workers face harsh working conditions and little to no ventilation. There are a variety of “gimmick” fabrics on the market, such as aloe vera and lavender infused fabrics, that claim to help with a variety of ailments. Don’t waste your money, to be honest. They are ineffective. And even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to get to your body through your sheets. Hemp is a high-quality yarn, but it is more costly than cotton and offers no additional advantages. The cover, on the other hand, is the one.