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A sailing yacht vacation is perfect since it can be tailored to your preferences. If you know how to sail, you can rent one on your own, but for those who don’t, you can purchase a package that includes a captain and even a cook for the duration of the trip.I strongly suggest you to visit Max Charters, St Thomas to learn more about this.

The advantage of having a crew on board is that they are knowledgeable with the area and can function as your tour guide, manage your itinerary, and cook your meals. You should be aware that having extra hands on board will cost you more money, but it will be well worth it.

Unlike a cruise ship, you can hire the entire yacht and be the only people on board for the duration of your journey. There are three different types of yachts to choose from: power boats, sailing boats, and multihull yachts.

Because there are so many firms that provide sailing vacations, you can charter one almost anyplace.

The size of the boat you’ll be chartering and the season will determine the cost of your sailing trip. If you decide to rent a boat that can accommodate 4 to 6 people during the lean season, expect to pay $200 a day. During peak season, this number might more than double.

Because you’ll only be here for a few days, the insurance deposit, petrol, water, meals, outboard motor, inventory, end cleaning, local taxes, ports, linen, and towels are already included in the package. You must bring your own drinks because they are not provided.

Sailing sailboat vacations are fantastic since they are more relaxing. You can get up whenever you like and go for a swim in the ocean before continuing on to your next location. Stay where you are if you don’t feel like going anywhere.

However, before chartering a boat, do some research on the firms that provide this service and don’t be scared to ask questions. You’ll undoubtedly discover some on the internet or in big sailing publications. You may also inquire of friends who have previously had sailing yacht vacations to see if the service was satisfactory.

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