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Shutters in the style of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking to rebuild, remodel, or just redecorate. A contemporary window treatment that not only looks gorgeous but is nearly maintenance free satisfies the modern yearning for clean, crisp lines and bold designs. Visit Shutters Stafford-Shuttercraft Stafford.

Plantation shutters are composed of a variety of materials, but the most prevalent are hardwoods such as Cedar and Basswood. These woods are utilised because they are extremely durable and look fantastic either painted (Basswood) or left natural (Cedar). Plantation shutters are available in a variety of styles and sizes, shapes, and colours to fit practically every window opening.

Shutters that are solid

While the materials used to construct solid wooden shutters have changed throughout the years, the basic design has stayed consistent, indicating that the design was a good one to begin with. Each individual solid wooden panel is hinged together vertically and folds back on itself in a concertina pattern to slide to the sides of a window aperture to allow in the maximum amount of light. Each panel moves independently of its neighbour when closed or partially closed, gradually reducing the quantity of light allowed into the room.

They are most usually made of cedar, basswood, or other hardwoods nowadays, and they combine a traditional aesthetic with the robustness of a long-lasting installation, their sturdiness imparting a particular sense of grandeur.