Solar Flag Pole Light – Illuminating Your Property at Night

An inexpensive, easy way to display your patriotic spirit, the solar flag pole light also shines brightly at night to illuminate your property for hours on end. Solar flag pole lighting comes complete with a mounting bracket that allows it to securely hang from the roof of your home or business. Pole and flag not included. Simply place the solar flag pole light in the direction of your desired view and enjoy. Solar powered lights are available in several different sizes to accommodate any outdoor need for added visibility. Our website provides info on solar flagpole light
Fully charged solar lights last up to three months on a single charge, while maintaining their bright, vivid light all night long. To ensure maximum light, the solar light includes a built-in motion detector that allows it to detect motion around it even in total darkness. The motion detector is activated when movement is detected behind or near the solar light. Once the light has been activated, it immediately emits a bright beam of light that covers a large area. Because the light is battery powered, you can count on it to illuminate your property for as long as it is left on.
Solar lights are available in many different watts and lumen ratings to suit just about any need you have. Solar lights are available in compact sizes to easily be incorporated into any type of outdoor lighting plan. Lights are available in shapes such as circular, square, rectangular, or other unique shapes. They can be mounted using screws or clips so they can be quickly and easily moved from one location to another. The majority of solar powered lights include a handy charger that makes them even more convenient because you do not have to worry about recharging the unit or about keeping it charged and ready to light your yard or home.