Stone Siding Design Concepts for Your House

Adding a fresh look and texture to the exterior of your house is a perfect way to make it into your dream home. Stone siding has always been a common option among homeowners who want to turn their homes from plain and simple to something extraordinary. The advances in stone effects as exteriors have come a long way, much like flooring technology. This type of cladding is also common in home interiors for feature walls and fireplace surrounds. Here are five different siding options to consider for your home improvement project.Learn more by visiting Batchelder & Collins Inc

Siding that is strong. Because of its unmatched toughness and authentic look of a naturally occurring stone, solid stone cladding has been widely used in many exterior surfacing projects since then. The most recent developments have attempted to address issues associated with this form of siding, such as unnecessary weight and the labour intensive nature of harvesting stone materials.
Stone siding that has been manufactured. Some of the drawbacks of solid stone siding are mitigated by these artificially made stones. These siding products, also known as cultured stones, are made up of moulds that mimic the appearance of real stone. This type of stone siding is made of cement and placed in moulds that look like natural stone. This form of stone siding is lighter and easier to transport.
Foam panel siding made of polyurethane. A faux stone panel, made of densely rendered polyurethane, is a lighter alternative to a real stone. This type of siding is designed to be mounted in panels rather than individually, making installation simple and straightforward. Faux panels are accurate replicas of the real thing, revealing hidden secrets with just a touch. They’re even designed to withstand the elements.
Cladding made of natural stone. Granite slabs are a common natural stone surface cladding option. Granite is a hard, compact form of natural stone that is resistant to cracking. The surface of stone cladding has irregular contours, close to those of traditional masonry. The back of each backing part, however, is flat.
Panel siding made of stone veneer. Since veneer panel siding is made from real stones, many homeowners and masonry contractors suggest it. These veneer cladding’s panel systems are specially built to fit together like puzzle pieces. This form of siding has a multidimensional texture, an aesthetic appearance, and the feel of genuine stone siding.