Stucco Repair – Guide

Stucco is a very old building material. In its beginnings it was the natural result of nature. When lime and sand were heated up and dried, they formed a rock hard material that has stood the test of time. It is extremely durable for its time. As it has aged, however, it began to take on an unattractive sheen that some find to be unattractive. That is where stucco repair comes in. more info on stucco and masonry
How do Stucco Repair specialists repair stucco problems? A large number of stucco repairs take place within buildings where it has been physically damaged by fire or water damage or vandalism. In fact, the term stucco repair almost always refers to the restoration of physical damage to buildings. Many times water and heat exposure have resulted in the development of cracks and breaches in the protective shell of the building.

Some of these repairs may even include the provision of protection to structural steel and lumber from further water damage or the addition of vapor barriers to prevent the spread of rot. Stucco repairs are performed by many types of specialists including building contractors, builders and stucco repair specialists. These individuals all have different skill sets and may perform slightly different types of repairs but all have one thing in common. Stucco repair is a necessary component for every building.